The National Gathering for the Step Clog Community

Clog dancing

Clog dancers  from all over England gather in Skipton, North Yorkshire, on the second weekend in July to celebrate the glorious tradition of English step dance.

Clog dancing probably started in the mills, when workers wearing clogs would tap their feet to the rhythm of the machines. It developed into music-hall acts, and now features in folk festivals such as Whitby and Fylde.

It’s a very precise form of dance, with intricate foot movements tapping out rhythms with heel and toe. The Lancashire style uses mainly toe movements, while the Durham style makes more use of heels.

There's a great variety of English step dance traditions, but they're not often performed on the streets.

Clogfest brings these traditions on to the streets for all to see and enjoy.

Updated 15/7/2014

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10 - 12 July

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