The National Gathering for the Step Clog Community

Clog dancing

Clog dancers  from all over England gather in Skipton, North Yorkshire, on the second weekend in July to celebrate the glorious tradition of English step dance.

Clog dancing probably started in the mills, when workers wearing clogs would tap their feet to the rhythm of the machines. It developed into music-hall acts, and now features in folk festivals such as Whitby and Fylde.

It’s a very precise form of dance, with intricate foot movements tapping out rhythms with heel and toe. The Lancashire style uses mainly toe movements, while the Durham style makes more use of heels.

There's a great variety of English step dance traditions, but they're not often performed on the streets.

Clogfest brings these traditions on to the streets for all to see and enjoy.

Clogfest is on the second weekend of July

The story so far

Clogfest is unique. It’s the only festival exclusively for step-clogging . . . not Morris, Appalachian, or any other dance style.  Beginners have a place alongside experts - everyone has a performance on a public stage.

The first Clogfest was in 2002, organised by Yorkshire Dales Workshops as a one-day event. Inclognito Clog Dancers ran it for the next four years before handing over to the Clogfest Committee.

Dancers and musicians

This is your chance to enjoy the company of your peers, catch up on gossip, and see their latest dances.

The weekend includes

  1. Bulleta reception on Friday evening for dancers and musicians

  2. Bulletdancing  around Skipton on Saturday morning in small groups

  3. Bulleta showcase for all teams at the canal basin which attracts hundreds of spectators

  4. Bulleta musicians' session

  5. Bulleta social event - Clogfest Revels! -  on Saturday evening for day and weekend ticket holders

  6. Bulletperformances on Sunday in the wonderfully atmospheric grounds of Skipton Castle.


On Saturday you can see teams performing around Skipton town centre from 10:30 to 14:15. Come along to the canal basin for 14:30 and see a free showcase with all teams performing until about 16:00.

The showcase is a happy and colourful occasion. Feel free to bring a folding chair and a picnic, and enjoy the best of English step dance.

On Sunday you can see teams perform in the Castle grounds; usual admission charges apply

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